How to Be a Muslim: An American Story

Haroon Moghul was thrust into the spotlight after 9/11, becoming an undergraduate leader at New York University’s Islamic Center forced into appearances everywhere: on TV, before interfaith audiences, in print. Moghul was becoming a prominent voice for American Muslims even as he struggled with his relationship to Islam. In high school he was barely a believer and entirely convinced he was going to hell. He sometimes drank. He didn’t pray regularly. All he wanted was a girlfriend.

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Two Billion Caliphs: A Vision of a Muslim Future


In Two Billion Caliphs, Haroon Moghul offers a uniquely Muslim perspective on what it means to be in the world. Drawing from his faith, he presents surprising, moving, and bracingly honest perspectives on the big questions many of us struggle with daily: Who am I? What am I doing here? What happens to me after I die? But Moghul does so much more than tell us what Muslims believe. He speaks to Islam’s possible tomorrows, aspiring to something much more audacious–and urgent.

The future of the world is inseparable from the future of its fastest-growing faith. But what kind of future should that be? Moghul wrestles with pluralism, secularism, and democracy. He wonders what his religion has to say about changing understandings of gender, sexuality, and identity. He considers the alleged incompatibility of science, reason, and theology. He even dusts off concepts like the Caliphate, asking what an immensely diverse global community badly traumatized by theocracy should do with it.

Two Billion Caliphs will inspire Muslims to revive the generosity and intimacy of their beliefs. But it is a call to all people–not just to face what comes next, but to be a part of shaping it, too.

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